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Arturia Efx FRAGMENTS v1.0.0 MacOS.rar

Arturia Efx FRAGMENTS v1.0.0 MacOS.rar
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Arturia Efx FRAGMENTS v1.0.0 MacOS.rar Overview
Efx FRAGMENTS is a software effect that allows you to divide, transform, and rebuild any sound by unlocking the power of granular processing. Instantly elevate any project with glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambience, experimental textures, and beyond.

Breathe life, musicality, and character into any sound, and discover inspiring & intricate new textures. From dramatic rhythmic stutter effects to cloudy reverb shimmers, and everything in between. Efx FRAGMENTS takes the complex concept of granular synthesis and makes it more flexible, more accessible, and more musical than ever.

 Glitch & stutter
Build tension and sprinkle variety into your beats, compositions, and soundscapes with dramatic stop-start stutters, pitch-shifted fluctuations, and reality-shattering glitches. Slice sounds rhythmically or go totally off-grid for true sonic chaos.

 Rhythmic variations
Efx FRAGMENTS listens to the rhythm of your track and can respond in a number of creative ways. Make every grain of sound respond to your tempo for glitchy beats, fractured rhythmic textures, flowing percussive sequences, and more.

 Textural enhancement
Whether you want to add sparkling character, or just make something ‘feel’ better in a mix, immediately excite and accentuate any instrument stem, loop, or vocal part with the ethereal sound of granular processing, complete with built-in mix-ready FX.

 Beauty or chaos
Whether you want musical or experimental, beautiful or chaotic, Efx FRAGMENTS can make any sound exciting, evocative, and entirely yours. Effortlessly explore and manipulate granular processing with amazing sonic results guaranteed.

 Redefining ambient
Go beyond conventional reverb and delay and immerse your mixes in material ambience. Create vast shimmering clouds of sound particles, delicate cave-echo trickles, or fast-flowing spatial movement with any sound source.

 Forge new timbres
Turn the smallest transient, the crunchiest sample, or the most unassuming stem into a bowed string, a grainy drum hit, or a mix-enveloping pad. By tightly weaving grains together, Efx FRAGMENTS creates texture and density in the most unexpected ways.
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